Hey Everyone!

Do you remember Ollie? The big, deaf, American Bulldog/mix with no manners or social skills? Adopted early March of 2021? This boy is absolutely amazing, so smart and loved so much!!  I hope everyone that read his profile and passed him up due to being deaf reads this:

Training a deaf dog isn’t any harder than any other dog, just different. Ollie had been in shelters on/off most of his life, adopted/returned over again (who knows what happened in between).There were no records of him being deaf until Headwaters & their vet picked up on it (thank God they did). No wonder he kept being surrendered!! If you could have seen how happy he was when he understood the first request (it was only sit), it would have made you cry. From that second forward, he knew we were communicating and changed from an unruly, misunderstood beast to the most sweet, kind-hearted, loving pup. He looks forward to learning everyday. And everyday I receive endless love, kisses, appreciation and the warmest/heaviest blanket I ever imagined at night! Ollie, his brother and sister (who are also deaf) have given me so much more than I’ll ever be able to give back to them!! Oh, by the way…. They’re not afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner!!!

Thank you so much for everything you do and helping bring my baby boy, Ollie, to his forever home.

You guys are heros!!


Kari Rhodes

Ollie, adopted from Headwaters Animal Shelter March 2021

Ollie, adopted from Headwaters Animal Shelter March 2021

Ollie, adopted March 2021