Microchipping clinic will be held from 10:00 am - 2:00 p.m.

Cost: $30.00
Provided by: Ark Animal Hospital & Headwaters Animal Shelter

If you can't bring your pet (cat or dog) you may purchase a voucher to have it chipped at a later date by one of the participating Vet Clinics.

Microchipping Information

It doesn't take more than a second – a door left open while you bring in the groceries, a child running through the gate leaving it unlatched, or a neighbor at your door – and your pet is gone.

Some pets don't get far, others do find their way home, but for the millions of other unidentifiable pets that go missing each year the chances of a happy reunion are not good. Less than a quarter of all lost and abandoned pets that are brought to animal welfare organizations each year are ever re-united with their families. Why? Because the animals are not identifiable, they have lost their collars or tags, or their tattoo is not legible. There is only one truly permanent form of animal identification – microchipping.

According to a 2014 study of 1,000 animal shelters across the country approximately 1,000,000 dogs and 584,000 cats were taken in as strays. Unfortunately for the owners’ and the animals, only 16% of those dogs and 2% of those cats were returned to their owners.

Why should I microchip my pet? 

Each year millions of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by animal welfare organizations across North America, of these animals only 15% of the dogs and 2% of the cats (estimated figures) are ever returned home. The major reason for failing to re-unite a lost pet with its owner is because the pets are unidentifiable. Microchipping offers pet owners the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet and linking the animal back to you, the owner. If you want to improve your pet’s chances of getting home in a lost pet emergency – microchipping is your best option. Microchipping is increasing these percentages each year.

My dog always wears a collar and tags. Why do I need to microchip him? 

Collars and tags may be removed or get lost and tattooing can become illegible over time - Microchipping is the only truly permanent method of identifying your dog.

How much will it cost?

Fee is $30.

Do I need an appointment

Register at the microchip booth on day of event.

I have a cat – should I microchip her? 

Cats are naturally curious and unpredictable, in the event that they are drawn away from the safety of their home you need to give them the best chance of getting home safely. In the event that your cat does get lost a microchip registered with 24PetWatch is your cat’s best chance of getting home.

Does microchipping hurt the animal? 

Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades by a veterinarian or trained member of an animal welfare organization. The process is similar to a vaccination and most animals do not react when the microchip is implanted. Once implanted the microchip remains just beneath the skin for the rest of the animal’s lifetime, a permanent form of identification.

What should I do if my pet goes missing? 

Call 24PetWatch immediately. The Lost Pet Recovery Specialists on duty will fill in a lost pet report, check for any corresponding pets found and conduct a real time search for your pet in over 500 animal welfare organizations across North America. In the event that we locate your pet we will help to arrange a reunion between you and your pet.

If my pet is taken to a veterinary clinic or shelter how will they know to call 24PetWatch? 

All animals that are brought into a veterinary clinic or animal welfare organization are routinely scanned for a microchip. In the event that a microchip is located the emergency personnel will call 24PetWatch to see whether we have the pet registered in our database. As soon as a match has been made we will call you to let know that your pet has been found and to help to arrange a reunion. All pets registered with 24PetWatch are also provided with a 24PetWatch pet tag. In the event that your pet is still wearing the tag the emergency personnel will know to call 24PetWatch immediately.

If my pet is lost how does the chip work?

The chip holds an ID number, which is stored in our database linking it to the owner, pet, clinic and health insurance information. When your pet is found we can reunite you with it in moments. Shelters and clinics nationwide scan pets as a standard procedure, and should your information come up as the result of a scan, you will be called immediately. Pet ownership can not be changed on our system without your written consent, so you can be sure your pet will be returned.

Isn't the microchip a GPS device?

The microchip is not a GPS device.

What do I do if my pet is lost?

Call 24PetWatch at 1-866-597-2424, choose the lost pet option and let us know that your pet has gone missing. We will confirm all of your contact information with you to ensure its accuracy so that we can contact you when your pet is recovered. As soon as your pet is found, either by an individual or an organization, we will be contacted, and will then call you and connect you to your pet's rescuer. We are available to receive this very important call 24 hours a day and will contact you day or night to have you reunited with your pet.

* 24PetWatch carries out a real-time search for your lost pet in nearly 1,000 shelters and rescue groups

 * Free Registration of ANY brand of North American Microchip

 * Regular maintenance checks to keep your information accurate

 * Online Account Maintenance – you can update your own information

 * Upload photos of your pet(s)