2017 Tails On The Trail

Grand Marshal

Buffy is one of the Headwaters Animal Shelter’s many success stories. 
Starting as a foster dog, Buffy became an adopted dog who found a FOREVER HOME.

Buffy runs the Gert & Bob Buckley household

Gert writes:
Buffy was our 8th foster dog from the shelter. He had a nasty ear infection that didn't get cleared up for 5 months.  We fostered him starting in 2003 and adopted him January 28, 2006. 

Buffy was born in April 2002—that makes him 15 years old.
Buffy looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.  He has a Beagle body and his tail curls up on his back. Buffy is all white with tan markings down his back and his ears are tan—so maybe he’s a tan and white Beagle/Terrier mix!
Buffy loves his toys and has several favorites, but his very favorite toy is a black stuffed dog 

Loves to ride in a car with the window 1/2 way down so the wind blows his ears
Loves to chase a ball in the backyard
Loves to sit-up for treats
Likes being scratched
Loves to bury bones in the backyard--Comes to the door with a dirty nose and front paws.
Likes to sit in the recliner with me
Hates thunder
He is a Wonderful companion. 
Just a super dog!!