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All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, tested for lymes and heartworm,
are up to date with all necessary vaccinations and have been microchipped.
Ahdia Adopted 11.13

Ahdia:  6 year old female Long Haired Doxy mix

Weight: 20 lbs

Ahdia is a 6 yr old, 20 lb, long haired doxy. She came from a rough situation and needs a caring family. Ahdia is very sweet and is starving for love. She will talk to you by grunting and using other sounds that really make it sound like she has things to say to you. The leash is ok for walks but if she is left out on a leash she does not like it and will bark or chew it off. She would do best with a family with a fenced in yard or a large chunk of property where she can be let out to go potty and have privacy (she needs this to go). She is then 100% content outside without any issues at all. She has lived with other dogs big and small and she has no issues with cats. She is looking for a fun  and easy going household.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 8/28/14



Buck:  8 month old male Yellow Lab

Weight: 30 lbs

Buck is a 30 lb 8 month old Yellow Lab. He is taller but lean. Happy as can be this little guy wants to play all day long and get belly rubs. He seems like he would be a great friend to anyone. Adults, children, dogs, cats, doesn't matter. If you want a buddy to do everything with i'm sure he would love to give you all of his time. This is a great puppy who is very well potty trained and would be a great family boy. Come get him quick he wont be here long.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 11/19/14

Curly Adopted 11.15

Curly:  4 year old male Lab

Weight: 65 lbs

Curly is a  4 yr old, 65 lb black lab. He is a big lover and wants to be close to you. I could see him being a couch potato if he was given that option. Outside though he wants to do a lot of playing. He gets along with other dogs and likes to wrestle and run. I would say a big family or a big yard would be ideal to get his energy out before going back inside to relax.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 10/7/14



Bashful Doc Dopey Grumpy Happy Sleepy Sneezy

Bashful Doc
Dopey Grumpy
Happy Sleepy

These are our 7 dwarves. They are not miniature puppies, these are just names given to them because there just so happen to be 7 of them. The pups are a Lab mix and are about 7 weeks old. The mother (Lily) is here at the shelter but the father is not. Mother Lily is a Shepherd/Lab mix and weighs about 60 lbs. We also have her pup from a previous litter, her name is Samy. Although this could help people get an idea of what they may turn out like, each of these babies carry their own unique personalities and you may need to spend a good chunk of time with them to really discover which personality would suite you best. They are eager to find homes and are waiting for the right families to come pick them out and take them home. These puppies can be played with and reserved for adoption at this time but will not be able to leave our facility until November 20th.


Gru:  2 year old male Rottweiler mix

Weight: 62 lbs

Gru is almost 2 yrs old and weighs 62l bs. He is a Rottweiler mix, has a docked tail and a tug-o-war personality. He is a fun dog and loves to play. Walking on the leash is a bit different with him as this is when he thinks its time to play tug-o-war. He grabs a hold on the leash and will lead you to your destination. His best suitable home would be with someone who is laid back or has had some experience training. He has not been socialized with other dogs and seems like he may not be a fan of other pets for company. Being the only pet in the home seems like it would be the best option for him. He is happy as can be waiting for someone to come wrestle around with a tough guy and make a friend.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 11/19/14


Jane:  2 year old female Black Lab

Weight: 60 lbs

Jane is a 2 yr old, 60 lb Black Lab. She is rip-roaring and ready to go. She wants to play a lot, doesn't matter if its a person or a dog. She will chase a ball or tug on a rope you name it, I think its up to you what she plays with. She could be a good fit for children but she needs some training not to jump. She has tons of love and is a joy to be around.   She is good on a leash and she has no issues with a kennel and completely potty trained. She would love a big yard, farm, or something with space to burn of the energy.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 9/3/14


Kitty, Karl & Kahlua


Kitty Karl Kahlua
Kitty, Karl and Kahlua are 4 month old Pitbull mixes that weigh in at 20-30 lbs. We have their mother in our facility and she is sweet as can be. These three are bubbly and gentle. Get them together and they will play all day. These pups would be great with a full family, children, toys, the whole deal. They are puppies so they will need standard puppy training but are well on their way. Come in and meet them all, they are wonderful pups just waiting for the right homes.
Rocky Adoption Pending 11/5

Rocky:  10 year old male Lab mix

Weight: 84 lbs

Rocky is a big boy tipping the scales at 84 lbs and he loves his people. This gentle giant gets along with other dogs and cats n likes to play fetch or tug o' war. He is a big baby when it comes to thunderstorms and may try to get into bed with you when it gets really bad. Most importantly his very favorite activity is car rides, even if its just around the block. He would suite someone looking for a buddy that loves time together and spending some time outside or even inside with some chew toys to work on.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 6/17/14



Todd:  10 year old male Jack Russell

Weight: 28 lbs

Todd is a 28 lb, 10 yr old Wirehaired Jack Russell. He has a half length tail and a mellow personality, likes to go on long walks and get love from his people. He is alert to surroundings but he is hard of hearing sometimes. This guy needs a home that he can kick back in and relax. He loves his nap time and would adore a good sunny spot in the window. He is not a barker and is still very well potty trained. This little guy would be a good fit for anyone just looking for a pal.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 11/19/14


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