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Barkley Adoption Pending

Barkley:  6 year old male Chocolate Lab

Weight: 128 lbs

Barkley is a 6 year old, 128 lb Chocolate Lab that would make a great companion or family member for anyone. He is a happy guy that is pretty laid back. He loves a good back scratch and loves to get more than his fair share of treats. This big guy would do good with a big family or even a single person who needs a couch or walking buddy. He handles the leash quite well and could really use the walking. He has space here to play but really likes people so one on one time is something he appreciates every minute of.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/9/14

Batman Adoption Pending

Batman:  2 year old male Dachshund mix

Weight: 15 lbs

This little guy has a happy loving outlook on life. He loves to go on walks and get belly rubs and scratching all day. I could see him doing very well in a home with children at any age. He is fast like a rabbit and knows how to play fetch but when he's outside for a longer amount of time he gets comfortable and lounges like a hound dog on a porch. When he came to us he seemed a bit unsocialized and desperate for attention so we would like to see him with people who will give him the love and affection he needs.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 6/17/14

Jerry Adoption Pending

Jerry:  2 year old male Lab/Springer mix

Weight: 53 lbs

Jerry is a Lab and Springer mix. He weighs 53 lbs and is as gentle as could be. He doesn't pull on a leash and loves people. He likes other animals and has never tried to cause trouble with any other pets or people. Jerry likes to get plenty of attention but doesn't go crazy if he has been left alone for some time throughout the day. He would do good with almost any kind of family. If you have a busy home and need a dog that will not react badly to a lot of energy then he would be perfect. If your looking for a good guard then he is probably not your pick as he doesn't make a peep at people who show up. Jerry is an ideal in home companion.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/16/14


Moose:  3 year old male Chocolate Lab

Weight: 90 lbs

Moose is a Chocolate lab that weighs 90 lbs. He is what you would expect from a big lug. He likes to go for walks and look at the sights. He would do best in a home with lots of activities to keep him busy. He just has that look like he wants to do everything. He is not scared of anything and would make a wonderful watch dog because he will bark at the fence n probably scare people who try to stick their hands in there. Probably a good farm or fenced yard kind of dog.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 6/30/14

Newton Adoption Pending

Newton:  2 year old male Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix

Weight: 61 lbs

Newton is 2 years old, 61 lbs, and is guessed to be a Shepherd and Yellow Lab cross. He is a very sweet and gentle boy who is almost a professional leash walker. He stays right next to you and the slightest tug he checks on you and backs up to be next to you again. This guy is the calm and quiet type. He doesn't bark much and he loves attention. He gets pretty excited when you scratch his back and cannot contain it, it makes him wiggle and shake and he falls in love with you right then. If you come close enough he will give you little tiny delicate kisses. He takes a little longer to warm up to men and is shy towards them at first but when he does he is no different. I think he would be a good candidate for someone who needs a gentle walker and a quiet in home family member.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/16/14

Ritchie Adoption Pending

Ritchie:  1 year old male Lab mix

Weight: 57 lbs

Ritchie is a mellow dog that does not bark a ton but he is very alert and likes to play. He follows a flies every movement if it is in his kennel. Seems like with some training he would make a great hunting dog or even another activity that would utilize his amazing attention span. He likes walks and nature hikes and would do good with someone who could show him some adventure or maybe even just a good car ride to enjoy the smells every now and again. He will make a great companion for someone out there.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 6/20/14


Rocky:  10 year old male Lab mix

Weight: 84 lbs

Rocky is a big boy tipping the scales at 84 lbs and he loves his people. This gentle giant gets along with other dogs and cats n likes to play fetch or tug o' war. He is a big baby when it comes to thunderstorms and may try to get into bed with you when it gets really bad. Most importantly his very favorite activity is car rides, even if its just around the block. He would suite someone looking for a buddy that loves time together and spending some time outside or even inside with some chew toys to work on.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 6/17/14


Shelby:  8 year old female Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie mix

Weight: 46 lbs

Shelby loves her attention. She is an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel/ Border Collie who could lay around for scratching all day long. A sweet girl who loves to go on car rides. She will come sit right next to you and give you a kiss every now and again, then she will go over to the window and stick her head out for some fresh air. This little lady has quite a bit of spunk left in her and would do great with someone who needs a by your side companion. She is a loyal dog and needs a home that has room to play and toys to play with (while people watch or its not the same to her). She loves to be in the spotlight and deserves to be there. Come out and meet the star of our show.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/3/14


Snookums:  2 year old female Miniature Schnauzer

Weight: 30 lbs

Snookums is a 2 year old miniature schnauzer thats eager to play. She is about 30 lbs. I think her favorite part of the day is when she first gets let off the leash into the open areas she is allowed to run. She will make a few leisure laps and really embrace the wind pushing her ears back. Then she will run up to her play pals too see if they are as happy as she is. She will chase a ball but doesn’t really do much when she gets it. I think she would suit an adult with a very enlightened personality that likes to jog or has another dog that likes to play and interact. She could probably handle both.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/9/14

Willy Adopted

Willy: 3 year old male Bernese Mountain Dog

Weight: 100+ lbs

Willy is a 3 year old male Bernese Mountain Dog that weighs 100+ lbs. He loves people and wants to run and play with them. He has a very happy personality and likes when you talk to him. This big guy could keep anyone warm with his thick heavy coat. We think he would do best in a home with no small children (they seem to make him quite uncomfortable). Also a good candidate for a farm or larger property because he knows to stick around when he is loose. He doesn’t have any issues using tie outs but its ideal for dogs this size to have the opportunity to run and explore and not be restricted to a smaller space. I have not seen him chase a ball when you throw it but wants it sometimes when another dog has it and makes it look fun.  If you would like a chance to show this boy a good home come in and meet him, he is wonderful.     

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/1/14

7.23 Top

Wrigley: 7 year old male Yellow Lab

Weight: 73 lbs

Wrigley is a Yellow Lab that weighs about 73 lbs. He has a big obsession with tennis balls and would do anything to get it. He likes other dogs but doesn't really play with them. I think he would swim if you threw his ball out into the water. He enjoys walks as he has grown accustom to them here. I think he would do best in an adult home or one with older kids because im not sure if he would notice a kid or know the difference from an adult and may knock them over. Wrigley is quite energetic and will jump about three feet in the air in his kennel when he knows you are getting ready to take him outside. He cant wait to spend his time with someone who has motivating energy and a good throwing arm.

For more information please call 218-237-7100 or contact us at Posted 7/14/14

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